1. What's Fission Track Research Group in Japan (FTRGJ) ?

FTRGJ is a research group founded for the progress of research on the fission-track dating method and related fields and for the promotion of mutual communication among its members.

¨FTRGJ rules (in Japanese)

FTRGJ consists of 59 individual members and 4 supporting members as of June, 2002.

FTRGJ's main activities are, (1) holding a research meeting, (2) publishing a newsletter "Fission Track News Letter".

A research meeting is held annually at a venue that changes from place to place in Japan. Topics related to fission-track dating are presented. The meeting offers a specific opportunity to discuss such topics as experimental techniques and ongoing projects that are not suitable to present at other meetings. It also offers an opportunity for newcomer students to give their first presentation. A general meeting and a convivial party follow the presentations. Geological field trip is usually scheduled on the next day.

The Fission Track News Letter is published annually. It contains peer-reviewed articles, reviews, technical notes, non-peer reviewed summary (proceedings, extended abstracts etc.) of annual meeting and other related information. The newsletter is distributed to all members. It is also viewed and obtained as pdf files on this site.

¨Guidelines for Contributors of Fission Track News Letter (in Japanese)

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